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Paperback Book - 246 pages plus 8 pages of color and b&w photographs. Ever since embarking on his first expedition to Mount Ararat, Bob Cornuke has been in the grip of "ark fever"--a passion shared by a select group of explorers--to be the one to make the greatest archeological discovery in human history: finding the remains of Noah's ark.

Join him now as he brings this exciting adventure to life in the pages of "Ark Fever". His relentless search for the ark, investigating local legends, surviving life-threatening misadventures, and narrowly escaping political unrest, will leave you breathless. But beware, ark fever is contagious and you might catch it yourself!
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NEW DVD RELEASED - Is Mount Sinai In The Sinai?
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Mt Sinai
Mount Sinai
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Is Mount SINAI in the SINAI?

For centuries, Bible scholars and religious pilgrims have been seeking the location of Mt. Sinai. Today, most people are unaware that not one piece of hard evidence has been produced to verify that what is traditionally designated as “Mount Sinai”, in the south-central Sinai Peninsula, is indeed the famed mountain of Moses and the Exodus.

In fact, the only verifiable reason that the traditional site is designated “Mount Sinai” is that a Roman mystic designated it as such and that Helena, mother of Constantine I, anointed it as the true Mount Sinai early in the 4th century A.D. (Helena also claimed to have discovered the true “holy sepulcher” in Jerusalem and the true cross of Christ.)

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BASE Videos with Bob Cornuke
We offer several full-length videos of some of Bob Cornuke's adventures and projects. Check out some of our short trailers and get more info. on our video and media products.

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