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On The Trail Of The Real Mount Sinai
Newsweek Magazine

Here's an article that Newsweek Magazine did on Bob Cornuke and his explorations on Mount Sinai:

Still editor Hershel Shanks, of Biblical Archaeology Review, has conjectured that something like the captivity and the account in the book of Exodus actually occurred: "No people would make up a story about their origins as slaves," he argues. "Jabal al-Lawz is the most likely site for Mount Sinai...

Mount Sinai is on Saudi missile base...
The Washington Times
Here's a condensed version of an article that was published in The Washington Times, by Julia Duin, entitled "Mount Sinai is on Saudi Missile Base, Adventurers Claim."
For more than 2,000 years, Christians and Jews have searched for the true location of Mount Sinai, the site identified in the Bible where God twice descended to converse with man.
Both encounters involved the same man: Moses the lawgiver. The biblical account says that God first appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush upon the holy mountain. Later, with more than 1 million Israelites in tow, Moses spent 40 days on the mountain, where God again descended to bestow the Ten Commandments.
Journalist Howard Blum, in his new book, "The God of the Exodus," tells the story of two adventurers who claim to have found both the true location of Mount Sinai and, at its base, possibly the world's greatest cache of undiscovered treasure.
Bible Review Magazine
Bible Review MagazineBible Review Magazine published an article entitled "Mt. Sinai - in Arabia?" by Allen Kerkeslager. This article contains some detailed images and pictures that help convey much information regarding Mt Sinai.
Here's a short excerpt from the article...
In 1988 Wall Street millionaire Larry Williams and ex-cop Bob Cornuke snuck into Saudi Arabia on a mission to explore what they believed was the real Mt. Sinai--Jabal al-Lawz. Using the book of Exodus as their guide, they searched the 8,500-foot-high peak for evidence that this was the site where Moses received the Ten Commandments...
Mount Sinai's Deadly Treasure
Vanity Fair MagazinePublished in Vanity Fair Magazine, here's a short except from an article by Howard Blum.
Deep in the Saudi desert, two American explorers unlocked a mystery as ancient as the Bible itself, when they discovered, what they believe to be the real Mount Sinai--where Moses received the Ten Commandments and the Israelites left their gold. The Saudis deny it. Vanity Fair
Today, the fenced and guarded mountain, known as Jabal al-Lawz, contains 60,000 pounds of advanced military technology that has the potential to help attack Israel...
The Search for the Real Mt. Sinai
Wireless Age MagazineWireless Age Magazine's cover story, "God's Word, Renegade Explorers and The Search for the Real Mt. Sinai", by Thomas Beard.
This article tells the events from God's Word, along with the historical evidence found by man, highlighted by the real-life adventures with Bob Cornuke.
Promise Keepers
Promise KeepersBob Cornuke was one of the featured speakers with Promise Keepers. Thousands of men from all over the world had the opportunity to experience Bob sharing about his life and adventures.
This Promise Keepers newsletter, from their President Tom Fortson, includes an article about Bob Cornuke.
Promise Keepers Handbook
Here's some additional info. from the Promise Keepers Handbook from the events at which Bob Cornuke shared.
American Legion Magazine - May 2005
In May of 2005, American Legion Magazine published an article on Bob Cornuke.
Come read about Bob's travels around the world. This article shares some personal insightBob Cornuke American Legion Magazine May 2005s and stories from Bob's personal experiences.
Here's a short excerpt...
"Robert Cornuke's 'recon' approach to biblical archaeology uproots tradition", by Matt Grills
Of his five arrests in Muslim countries, Robert Cornuke remembers Saudi Arabia as the most terrifying. Feeling a gun pressed to his temple and warm spittle on his cheek, Cornuke closed his eyes in terror as Bedouin guards called him a "Jew" and accused him of espionage. Had the guards thoroughly probed the American's rented pickup truck outside the desert jail and discovered his supplies: night-vision scopes, satellite imagery, photos of a fenced-off mountain thought to be a Saudi military installation, Cornuke is certain that he and his companion would immediately have lost their heads by blade or bullet. "We knew we'd die." he says"... Click here to read complete article
Delta Airlines Sky Magazine
Delta Airlines Sky MagazineHere's a short snippet of an article that was published in Delta Airlines Sky Magazine, written by Howard Blum entitled "Sinai Language."
What men won't do for treasure--then and now.
Delta AirlinesWhat if, after your next trip abroad, you could return home and announce, "I've proved that Moses and the Israelites could have crossed the Red Sea. I've located the 12 pillars of the tribes of Israel and the altar used by Aaron to worship the golden calf. And, by the way, Mount Sinai isn't where you think it is - and I've found that, too."
"Who's your travel agent?" you'd probably get asked--a lot.
Prophecy In The News
Prophecy in the NewsProphecy in the News published an article on Bob's book "The Lost Ark of the Covenant." Here's a short excerpt from the article written by Bob Ulrich.
Author Bob Cornuke burst on the Christian scene several years ago with his best-selling book and video, "The Mountain of God." Cornuke traveled to Saudi Arabia in search of the location of the biblical Mt. Sinai, a dangerous and sometimes harrowing adventure that left all of us spellbound.
He uncovered some of the most amazing finds in biblical history, including the altar of the golden calf, the melted and charred pinnacle of Mt. Sinai and the monumental Rock at Horeb, a gigantic fountain that provided water to more than a million thirsty Israelites!
Bob Cornuke In Afghanistan
The still small voice"The Still Small Voice" Christian newspaper published this article in February, 2002. It's a rather candid and personal article done with Bob about his adventures in Afghanistan.
Here's a short clip from the article...
Terry and the kids drove me to the airport to begin my trip to Afghanistan to film on special assignment relief-aid efforts in a war zone, along with trying to locate and film the prison where Dana Curry and Heather Mercer were held by the Taliban only weeks earlier.
Even though I have been on several high-risk trips in the past (actually I've been placed under arrest five times in the Middle East for searching for lost biblical locations mentioned in the Bible, and you'd think I would have a nature that would eliminate apprehension in traveling to far-off, risky endeavors), this trip seemed to be different.
The dark cloud of September 11 still casted its ominous shadow over our country. The fear of terrorism was apparent in our airports and on the news, with daily advisories that warned of terrorists wandering the world and making threats to further their delusional cause.
Just Like Indiana Jones
The Concorde MonitorSarah M. Earle from the Concord Monitor wrote this article entitled, "Just Like Indiana Jones." Here's a short clip from the article...
Faith, by definition, requires no proof. In practice, however, faith is a different kind of beast--a beast whose cravings send Bob Cornuke to the deserts of the Middle East in the search of the path Moses trod some 3,500 years ago. That and an equally-powerful hunger for adventure.
"I went over there for adventure and fun... and what I found changed my heart," said Cornuke...
The Forum Newspaper
Forum AdventureIn October, 2002, Erin Hemme Froslie, in The Forum newspaper, published this article entitled, "Man Shares His Adventures." Here's a short snippet from the article...
When Bob Cornuke begins exploring archaeological sites, he turns to the pages of the most accurate historical document he knows - the Bible.
Since the mid-1980's, the former policeman has made a career of real-life Indiana Jones adventures. He has dodged bullets, escaped from jail and snuck into countries to find physical evidence of sites and items mentioned in the Bible.

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