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Join Bob and BASE Institute on a tour of Ethiopia - June 20-27, 2014
Please call BASE at 719.488.4228 for details.

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Wow, what an adventure!  You are receiving a brochure on the June 20-27, 2014 Ethiopia tour with Bible Explorer, Bob Cornuke.  A few of the features on this tour are as follows:


• The palace of the Queen of Sheba near Axum on a unique day -market day for the interesting camel market!

• The tomb of one of the Maji who visited Jesus’ birthplace

• Tombs just recently opened and other archeological findings from the Axumite Kingdom period

• Tana Kirkos Island, in all of its mystery as the previous home of the Ark of the Covenant on Lake Tana, the second largest lake in Africa!

• The St. Mary of Zion Church- thought to be the current home of the Ark of the Covenant in Axum

• Great trip for families!


The tour is a must for all Bible enthusiasts.  The hotels are lovely and the time will be heartwarming!  We enjoy evenings by a fire with study and fellowship time, plus great music and worship supplied by our African friends.  The tour is $5,899 including all airfare, taxes, fuel surcharges, meals, etc.  You can also save $1,200 on this tour if you are taking this tour in tandem with our tour of Israel hosted by Frank Turek June 11, 2014.  Join us!


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