American Legion Magazine – May 2005

12 Aug

In May of 2005, American Legion Magazine published an article on Bob Cornuke.
Come read about Bob’s travels around the world. This article shares some personal insights and stories from Bob’s personal experiences.
Here’s a short excerpt…
“Robert Cornuke’s ‘recon’ approach to biblical archaeology uproots tradition”, by Matt Grills
Of his five arrests in Muslim countries, Robert Cornuke remembers Saudi Arabia as the most terrifying. Feeling a gun pressed to his temple and warm spittle on his cheek, Cornuke closed his eyes in terror as Bedouin guards called him a “Jew” and accused him of espionage. Had the guards thoroughly probed the American’s rented pickup truck outside the desert jail and discovered his supplies: night-vision scopes, satellite imagery, photos of a fenced-off mountain thought to be a Saudi military installation, Cornuke is certain that he and his companion would immediately have lost their heads by blade or bullet. “We knew we’d die.” he says”… Click here to read complete article