Mount Sinai is on Saudi missile base…

12 Aug

Here’s a condensed version of an article that was published in The Washington Times, by Julia Duin, entitled “Mount Sinai is on Saudi Missile Base, Adventurers Claim.”
For more than 2,000 years, Christians and Jews have searched for the true location of Mount Sinai, the site identified in the Bible where God twice descended to converse with man.
Both encounters involved the same man: Moses the lawgiver. The biblical account says that God first appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush upon the holy mountain. Later, with more than 1 million Israelites in tow, Moses spent 40 days on the mountain, where God again descended to bestow the Ten Commandments.
Journalist Howard Blum, in his new book, “The God of the Exodus,” tells the story of two adventurers who claim to have found both the true location of Mount Sinai and, at its base, possibly the world’s greatest cache of undiscovered treasure.
There is one small problem: Mount Sinai is in the middle of a heavily-fortified Arab military base.
“This could only happen to the Jews,” an Israeli government official told the author. “After thousands of years, we finally find Mount Sinai, and it’s in Saudi Arabia.”
Herschel Shanks, calls the Mount Sinai hypothesis the “best candidate” to date.
“The God of Exodus” tells how two men set off to solve this ancient biblical mystery and got caught-up in a modern Tom Clancy-like drama. Written like a “Raiders of the Lost Ark” movie script, the book describes a 1988 trip to Saudi Arabia taken by Larry Williams, a commodities trader and two-time Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Montana, and Bob Cornuke, a retired policeman.